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We are a Branding and Marketing company with the goal of helping your company standout online.

Steve Smirnis
Steve Smirnis
Adam is always a consummate professional, does a great job and treats people well. He is honest, hardworking and always has a good attitude. from alignable
Nathan Pennington
Nathan Pennington
Adam has such a great personality and a sincere interest in the work he does, that we quickly became friends. I watched his skills improve every single day we worked together. He's an extremely quick learner and spends any down time studying. from linkedin

Pro Web Video

Every business needs video. Videos inspire us to take action and engage more viewers than any other medium.

Brand Building

Video is a great way to get your name out and build your brand. What better way to tell your story than actually telling your story along with great visuals of your company? We can make that story come to life like never before!

Generate Leads & Engage Viewers

Video is a great way to engage viewers but it can also help generate new leads. A promotional video is a great way to get new clients interested in what you, as a company, are doing. Showing off your products or services in a video makes it much easier for potential customers to get a real sense of what it is and how it will help them.

Tell Your Story

Video is the best way for you to tell your companies or your personal story and helps clients or customers connect with your message on a new level.

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Web Design/Dev

Get your business out there. Whether you're a small startup or a larger established business, having a great online presence can make all the difference.

Designing a Brand

There's more to having a website then throwing content out into the vast web, you need a strategic way to promote your brand and engage your customers.

Easy Management

There are many ways to manage the content of your website but there are also tradeoffs. Applications like WordPress are great for starting up small businesses online but can be overkill of others. Knowing what's best for you is a major key in designing and building what you need.

Tell Your Story

A website should do more than just show off your products or services, it should be able to tell your story through custom visuals and hand-crafted content.

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Web Advertising

Promoting your business online seems like a simple enough task if you have a large budget but what if you don't? You can be effective and efficient with the right plan.

Stunning Ads

We can help build and develop visually stunning web ads using HTML5 and animation. Studies show that people are more likely to engage with an animated ad over a static or text-based ad.

Video Ads

Take it a step further and produce stunning ads for your products or brands to be featured in videos around the web. We help sketch out the plans, shoot and edit the video, and plan the ad delivery.

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Social Media

Your competition is getting the best of you. If you're not utilizing social media for your benifit you're missing out!

Reaching Your Audince

It's not just enough to have an account on a social platform here or there, you really need a strategy for reaching your audince. We can help build that audince and give advice on how to better run your account for the future.

Engaging Content

To keep the attention of your audince on social media you need to produce engaging content. Whether this be videos, photos, or a well crafted message you need a plan of attack to be noticed and grow.

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